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  1. Are Secure Data Environments the same as Trusted Research Environments?


    Are these the same things? All this terminology is confusing

    12 Jun 2024 21:12 June
  2. How do I know my anonymous data has saved lives?


    How do I know my anonymous data has saved lives? Lorem Ipsum

    23 Feb 2023 15:29 February
  3. How do I know my data will be truly anonymous?


    How do I know that my data will be truly anonymous and that my personal and health details can't been seen by people I don't know?

    23 Feb 2023 16:00 February
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How important is it to know which research projects use your data?


This poll finished on Friday 28th June 2024

Secure Data Enviroment

Secure Data Environments

A new way to provide safer, more secure and faster access to NHS data for research is being developed in the East Midlands. Part of a network of platforms covering England, the East Midlands Secure Data Environment will support approved life-saving and life-changing research.

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How does data help researchers?

How does your data help new breakthroughs in healthcare?

Data is vital to our treatment and care as a patient. Accurate, up to date and relevant data is also vital for research into new treatments. All of the drugs, treatments and medical technology we rely on in the NHS today are only available because data from people just like you was able to be used for research.

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